I bought this domain name because of some recent decisions by MySQL regarding the availability of it's Enterprise source code. I'm also generally upset by the lack of standards compliance of MySQL.

If anyone would like to fork MySQL Enterprise (and/or Mysql Community), to create a more standards compliant, more community friendly, (and possibly more GNU license compliant) alternative, contact me, I will donate this domain to a credible group in exchange for being credited as one of the founders of this project.

For legal reasons, today November 17th, 2007, marks the beginning of the OurSQL project, under the name OurSQL.

In the meantime, I'd be happy to torrent the MySQL Enterprise source here, as it is still licensed under the GPL, there is no legal barrier stopping me from distributing it. I'll set that up soon if I can remember how to set torrents up. If someone wants to help that would be nice.

-Michael Krier

For now, here are two related links: